2024 3rd International Conference on Biomedical and Intelligent Systems (IC-BIS 2024)
Call For Papers
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The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

- Biomedical Signal Processing and Medical Information

· Biomedical signal processing

· Medical big data and machine learning

· Application of artificial intelligent for biomedical signal processing

· Telemedicine, mobile health and internet of things technologies in

· medical applications

· Wearable device and signal processing

· Biomedical instrumentation and sensors

· Medical information technology

· Optical imaging and diagnostic techniques

· Biomedical data mining and pattern recognition

- Bioinformatics & Intelligent Computing

· Algorithms and Software Tools

· Algorithms, models, software, and tools in Bioinformatics

· Biostatistics and Stochastic Models

· Computational evolutionary biology

· Computational Intelligence

· Computational Molecular Systems

· Computational Neuroscience

· Data acquisition, normalization, analysis and visualization

· Data Mining and Machine Learning

· Databases and Data Management

· Drug design and computer aided diagnosis

· Emerging numerical methods and computational tools

- Gene regulation, expression, identification and network

· High-performance computational systems biology and parallel implementations

· Image Analysis

· Inference from high-throughput experimental data

· Information Technology applications to computational bioengineering

· Model integration from biological databases

· Multi-scale modelling and analysis methods

· Pattern Recognition, Clustering and Classification

· Simulation and Modeling

· Subject-specific and population-based modelling methods

· Systems Biology

· Transcriptomics

· Visualization

· Web Services in Bioinformatics